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There has never been a better time …

to invest in YOUR speaking business

We are now moving through 2013 and still reading or listening to even more predictions of “gloom and doom”. While we can’t avoid the reality of less than stellar economic times, we can certainly choose not to follow the crowds in a downward spiral. Your greatest asset will always be you! It’s not your content, your topic, the area of the country where you live, your clients, or circumstances beyond your control – you are either in control of you or you’re not.

These days you need to concentrate on providing solutions for your clients as they face possible tough times ahead. Don’t forget that things get better ONLY when people get better. You’re probably not getting a bailout package from the government. So if your strategy is to hide out until things get better, this notice is not for you. On the other hand, if you’ve decided to really make an impact on yourself and others, isn’t it time to get started?

In June 2013, Warren Evans, CSP, HoF and Kit Grant, CSP, HoF will be conducting their proven “Get Better; Get Busier” Boot Camp for speakers. Don’t take our word for it – here’s what some of your colleagues and past-participants have said:


.“Over my 16 years as a full time professional speaker I have spent literally tens of thousands of dollars on professional coaching on my platform skills. In terms of best payoff for money invested, there’s no question … Kit and Warren’s Boot Camp was the best investment and generated the greatest payoff for my speaking business.”
~ Jeff Mowatt, CSP, former CAPS National President, Calgary, AB (403) 244-9094

“This past week is the first time I have done my ‘Millennial’ keynote in front of a large group and they loved it … they laughed and came in hordes to talk to me after the session. I am grateful to both of you for your insights and assistance and I give you much of the credit for my success.”
~ Merge Gupta-Sunderji, CSP, Calgary, AB (403) 605-4756

“I put everything you taught into practice and delivered my new improved keynote. I was stunned at my success. Your Boot Camp quite simply changed my life. Thank you.”
~ Halina St. James, Tantallon, NS (902) 826-1011


So … how do you become an even BETTER presenter?

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“Get Better; Get Busier” Boot Camp Program