The Program

Why Now?

Here’s what we know about this business but perhaps don’t like to admit:

There is virtually no barrier to entry into the business of professional speaking. Anyone can start tomorrow and take away your clients and prospects UNLESS you differentiate yourself in the marketplace. Your best marketing piece for attracting new clients and retaining current ones will always be your on-stage performance.

If making more money is NOT in your business plan for 2013 and beyond,
stop reading now and throw this message away … just don’t complain
to your friends, spouse, or other colleagues about how bad business is!!

So … why do clients book you to speak?

  • someone saw you, thought you were good and recommended you
  • the client attended one of your programs and liked your message and delivery
  • you created some “buzz” somewhere and they caught the message about you
  • they haphazardly found you on the internet
  • they read some print media about you OR saw an advertisement you paid for
  • they read your book and/or articles and thought maybe you also could speak
  • a colleague recommended you

So … why do speaker bureaus hire you to speak for their clients?

  • they have seen you speak at an event
  • they’ve used you before
  • one of their current speakers recommended you
  • a client specifically requested you and the bureau then “found” you (ho, ho)
  • they like your demo DVD
  • you’re the “new kid” in the speaking business and bureaus like that
  • you wrote a best-seller and the bureau thinks that makes you a speaker

Well, any one of those could be the case for you but unless you recognize over time that what you do on the platform is what positions you in the marketplace as being different, you’ll probably be one of the many “two-year” wonders that comes and goes regularly in this business. Unless you have a really novel (or weird) topic, chances are pretty good there are already hundreds, if not thousands, of people doing the same topic. You need to get so good that clients wouldn’t even consider your competition.


“I thought I realized the impact of your Boot Camp while I was there but it was even better when I came home. I can’t exactly explain how your ‘tell it like it is’ approach has impacted my presentations and how I approach the business. I continue to apply what I have learned and your follow-up coaching has been very helpful. Thanks for taking my career to the next level and I am now on the radar screen of some of Canada’s largest speaker bureaus.”
~ Darci Lang, Regina, SK  (306) 569-1354

** Darci delivered a keynote address at the CAPS 2008 Convention in Toronto. If you were there, you know what a great job she did!

“As a trainer who is now geared to the speaking business, I really appreciated the feedback and help I got from Warren and Kit and even the other attendees. It was an energizing experience which allowed each of us lots of individual attention as well as a helpful work group. I got lots of great ideas. The event was respectful of the different levels of experience and needs of the participants. The initial nervousness (Will I measure up?) quickly evaporated due to the professional way the program was conducted. Kit and Warren go all out and are great sources of expertise. I am convinced I got tremendous value. This Boot Camp will allow you to take yourself to where you want to be.”
~ Robert Harris, Oakville, ON  (905) 827-5493


What’s the Format?

  • it’s a small group (maximum 10 participants) with video feedback
  • concentrated time frame (28 hours over three days)
  • hands-on experience with individual and group coaching – not a lecture program
  • focused on presenting skills and platform excellence
  • lots of time with either or both Warren and Kit
  • planning time to revise, rewrite, redesign your keynote presentation

What’s Covered?

  • structuring your keynote presentation
  • building powerful stories and examples
  • stage blocking – using movement for purpose and power
  • effectively using AV
  • finding sources of humor and delivering it effectively
  • powerfully impacting your audiences
  • launching and wrapping up your presentation with increased “Wow” factor
  • refining and developing your material
  • harnessing the microphone
  • dealing with clients on-site
  • dealing with “surprises” on-site

It’s a busy weekend starting Friday afternoon and finishing up on Sunday at lunch. If you are flying in for the program, you’ll need to arrive no later than Noon to be sure to be on time for the 2:00 pm start on Friday  — you don’t want to miss any of this program!
** Please do NOT book any return flights before 4:00 pm on Sunday.


This program is for working professionals. It’s not really designed for people who are developing their first presentation or thinking about getting into the speaking business. That being said, participants in the past have experience that ranged from less than a year to more than 23 years – age range of participants is from 24 – 80!! (no kidding!) It’s a GREAT program for trainers who would like to do more keynote presentations. We have also had several corporate executives attend who wanted to make significant improvements to their presentation skills.

Larry Winget, CSP, CPAE says there are only two reasons someone won’t be super-successful in this business:

  1. your marketing sucks (Larry ain’t shy!)
  2. you’re not as effective a speaker as you think you are
    …..… well, actually, Larry said, “It’s because you suck as a speaker.” (Larry is not subtle!)

So … which one is it for you?

We believe everyone can get better at #1 and probably should.
Only a select few are prepared and willing to work on #2.


Notice many of the Boot Camp attendees have given us permission to show their phone numbers if you want to talk with any of them before making your decision to attend. We encourage you to do that. You can also call Kit TOLL FREE at 1-888-866-3603 if you have additional questions.